What is GuessTheSong

GuessTheSong is a free online browser-based multiplayer game, with multiple game modes. Where you can either compete against yourself or against others. The game runs on all devices with a web browser and is fun to play with your friends from home, or at a party.


How do you play GuessTheSong?

In GuessTheSong you can either play ‘Standard’ mode, or ‘Theme’ mode, I will explain the difference between the two below.

To start a game of GuessTheSong, one person needs to create a lobby, and then invite their friends by sharing the code. Once you can see everyone in the lobby, start the game.

creating_a_lobby Disabled for now.

Standard mode

The standard mode consists of you and your friend submitting your favorite song at the start of every round. Once everyone has submitted their song, the round will automatically start. When submitting a song it is a good idea to keep in mind whether your friends and/or family also know the song. People who submit songs that are able to be guessed by other people in the lobby actually receive some small bonus points to incentivize this mechanic.

Theme mode

In theme mode, you don’t need to submit any of your own songs. The creator of the lobby is able to choose a theme pack, examples include:

Each pack contains more than one hundred songs, meaning that two games of the same theme pack are never the same, and ensuring lots of fun repeatability.

Inviting others

The quickest way to invite others is by sharing with them your room code. We made this convenient by allowing for the copying of the URL with 1 button click. See image below!


A Game Round

Every round consists of a 5-second warmup countdown followed by 90 seconds of game time. When the round starts, the same song is played for everyone simultaneously. The way you can win is by guessing the name of the song correctly before the other people in the lobby. As time decreases, the number of points you can achieve that round also decreases. The maximum amount of points you can get in a round is 1000, whereas the minimum is 50.

Hint system

GuessTheSong uses a hint system that tells users how many characters and words are in the title (see image). After 30 seconds, if the round is still being played a single character of the title becomes exposed. From that point onwards every 10 seconds a new character is exposed.


Guessing and Chatting

Guessing and chatting are done within the same window in GuessTheSong. GuessTheSong automatically knows when what you have written is a song guess, and when its a chat. It does this by making a comparison to the song being played, and if a certain threshold is hit, then it accepts your message as a guess.

If you make a correct guess, then the system will not broadcast your guess to others, however if you make an incorrect guess, then everyone will see it! If you are the one who submitted the song, then you won’t be able to guess the song’s title.


GuessTheSong has optional word censorship built-in, it is on by default. However, users can disable it by going to the settings.


There are currently two types of visualizers players can use. A bar visualizer, or a circular visualizer. Players can choose their preference in the settings.

Circular visualizer

if you have performance issues, try use the bar visualizer.

Bar visualizer



We placed a lot of emphasis on communicating with the players what is currently happening in the game, to prevent any confusion. Throughout the game rounds you will find toast notifications keeping you up to date what is happening, for example when someone has submitted a song, or when someone has guessed a song.

Posted 2020-08-22 20:47:04